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Posted by Snail - Aug 13,2015

True Bamboo – Behind the Panda

Avzar has never seen a hero like her. Swift of foot and fierce of fist, she moves faster than a starving Panda behind a bamboo truck. Earlier this summer, Ronda Rousey – UFC 190 champion, undefeated mixed martial artist, and huge Taichi Panda fan – joined the Taichi Panda in the studio to shoot the Taichi Panda TV commercial! As a special treat, happy to reveal this behind the scenes video, showing how the Ronda-Panda match made in heavy formed.


How Panda Met Ronda


Only one master could possible best the powerful panda, and despite a few inches and weight classes between them, Ronda proved she’s the real champ. But behind their fight, a lot of work of talented and dedicated professions went into bringing the CGI opponent to life. Here’s how:



Taichi Panda and Snail Games have been so happy to work with Ronda – or should we say Randa, her precious and vicious Fox Mage character in-game. Expect to see more from the MMA superstar as together, we work to grow the appreciation of martial arts and the exciting Avzarian adventure that is Taichi Panda!