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Posted by Snail - Apr 3,2015

Recruiting - Taichi Panda Masterminds


Are you a true Taichi Panda Mastermind? Do you have what it takes to discover the most valuable secrets in the land of Avzar? The genius to capture the intangible essence of brilliance, and record it into a usable format we mere mortals can understand? Do you know how to spell?


If so – WE WANT YOU! Taichi Panda is now recruiting community game experts to join in our new program – Taichi Panda Masterminds.



Selected players will be enlisted to help our team compose and publish comprehensive guides for the Taichi Panda community. Selected partners will work closely with our team, coordinating the topics and release of their Guides to our community.





Step 1: Application and Selection


All players who are interested in being part of our Taichi Panda Masterminds team can submit their application at Applications should include:


-IGN and Server
-Description of previous experience with production of Walkthroughs / Guides
-List of games played in the past 2 years
-(if possible) Examples of previous Walkthroughs / Guides
-(if applicable) Links to Twitch / Youtube / Blogs 


The Application Window will be from April 2nd to April 16th. We will respond directly to applicants by email. We are looking for 10-20 Taichi Panda Masterminds. Preference will be given to those with previous experience preparing Guides / Walkthroughs, including written and video content. Selection will be made by our team, and we reserve right to reject any application.



Step 2: Production and Publishing


Those selected will work with our team to produce high quality and in-depth reviews.


Selected Taichi Panda Masterminds will draft / produce User Guides and Walkthroughs that they believe will be desirable and informative to new players, experienced players, and/or expert players. These guides will be submitted to our team for approval.


Taichi Panda Masterminds will receive a monthly in-game retainer of 500 Diamonds. In addition, they will receive a 300 Diamond bonus for each submitted review that is successfully approved. Approved guides will be featured on our official Taichi Panda Forum, website, and distributed through social media.


So if you know your stuff, and are looking to share your knowledge for a handsome sum of Diamonds, then apply today for the Taichi Panda Masterminds program!


See our Forum post HERE .