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We’ll now be encouraging ALL players to submit their ideas for official Guides on our Forum. Each week we’ll choose the best guides to be featured on our website as Official Mastermind Guides, as well as offering up to 1000 diamonds rewards to the players who submit them
Where to Post
Submissions should be posted on in the User Guide Section of our Official Forum. You can find that section HERE
Don’t have a Forum ID? No problem! It’s an easy thing to get, simply register with your email and pick a Forum name that you like. Register HERE
What You Can Win
Every week, we’ll choose 1-2 Guides to be spruced up and featured on our official site as a Mastermind Guide. For Guides chosen, we’ll send out rewards on Friday to the author based on the type of Guide they submitted
What to Post

Valid submissions should be Game Guides – that is, a well-considered descriptions and/or instructions on some feature of the game. This can be

General – how to use your time and resources well
Specific Game Features – how to do well at PvP, how Armor Surging works, etc.
Advice/Recommendations – Good gear sets, Best Pet teams
Instructions – How to beat a specific Team Instance

Or anything else you can think of!

The submission should have the following format

Title – Give an informative title for your Guide, and include the tag [Mastermind]
-ex. [Mastermind] Guide to winning at Decathlon

In the body of the post, be sure to include your IGN and Server, in order to receive rewards if chosen. Also, be sure to include as many screenshots as you can to help with the Guide. Guides without any visual support will not be considered.