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Posted by Snail - Feb 1,2018

Carnival For 3rd Anniversary is Now Live !

What could warm heroes up in this cold winter? The answer is simple, a big anniversary gift for All Veterans (characters been created for three years). Come join the Pet Edge of Survival Mode, the brand new battle-royale PvP contest where only one can own his victory! Strengthen your pets with 2 Anima Stone slots to help you in the adventure! Activate Dikpala seals and find out the true power of your talisman! Are you ready for the carnival hot wave on the vast land of Avzar?



New Features:

New Function added: TWO Anima Stone slots for pets.

New Function added: Dikpala Seals

New Mode added: Pet Edge of Survival Mode

New Adjustment added: All quality Rune can be Inset now  

New Adjustment added: The maximum number of Star Powder now is 500,000

New Adjustment added: The EXP Rune can be stacked in the backpack

New Adjustment added: The limitation of Free Market has been changed

*The Anniversary gift will be sent via in-game email.