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Posted by Snail - Aug 24,2017

Prestige Update is Available for Download !

The drumbeat echoes the hearts of a legion of brave warriors ready to defend their beloved Avzar from evil. In the Prestige Update, players can explore new cross-server functions, bringing you face to face with a whole new set of enemies. Mounts can be enhanced to Level 30, and Tier Five enhancement is sending players to new heights. Glory awaits in the Taichi Panda Prestige Update--are you brave enough to claim it? 


Complete list of Prestige Update Features: 
1. New Cross-Server Guild Functions 


2. New Cross-Server Team Functions


3. Rune Evolution for Second and Third Skills Now Open


4. Lv.30 Mount Fortification Now Open 


5. New Star Stone Insets Added for Cosmos Armor


6. Tier Five Enhancement Now Open