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Posted by Snail - Jul 14,2017

What Change Have You Made After You Played Taichi Panda

Every day new heroes take up arms in Avzar to learn the secrets of Taichi and battle for eternal glory. It's not easy to make a name for yourself in Avzar, but plenty of players have given blood, sweat, tears, and gold to vanquish the evil enemies of the mainland forever. Your stories of what Taichi Panda means to you have touched our hearts, and today we've got more stories to share with everyone. Let's take a look!



Gabriel Blidar

No sleeping , almost lose my job. no more free time ?? and lot of arguing with my parents because of this game but i still like it a lot ??


Rhian Ingram playing taichi panda makes my day complete... no time for the other games just taichi panda, no time for hangouts with friends.. and no time to sleep.. without taichi panda im crazy... when my taichi panda cant download before i cried coz im scared if i lost my game.. taichi panda is my life... and cant live without taichi panda... ????


Harry Sidarta since playing tp I stopped playing warspear online cause betwen classes not balance while on tp much better...
but lately after many many update, I feel class that I play (TH) become more more weaker compare to other char... still hope and waiting some adjustment, before migrating...


Ryan Essex Denning I was happy and alive then I seen this game.. I tried it as I give anything a chance. After playing 10 minutes I became depressed and felt really sad and angry.. I'm actually sueing your team as my lawyer said it did the same thing to him


Hemi Tipene It's been an great way to spend time with my daughter, and my wife, playing alongside one another and doing instances and relic battles. Gives a whole new spice to gaming in our household when we can play altogether. Although the loss of sleep and late nights because of server time differences is a bit of a nuisance


Johann Ciph Changed my life so much, now i really realized that without money you can't do anything xd. 


Jeffrey Juliano Rafal Taichi Panda building wall against reality, cutting off quality time for family and people around you.


Abid Honestly Taichi Panda changed my life. No time for family no time for work,almost as a lazy guy.Wife always shout around daily tsk tsk made me booring same thing per night and sleep for only few hours every night.So I have something for evey players if you want to lose your GF/BF just stick with taichi panda.