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Posted by Snail - Jun 23,2017

How Has Taichi Panda Changed You?

Every day new heroes take up arms in Avzar to learn the secrets of Taichi and battle for eternal glory. It's not easy to make a name for yourself in Avzar, but plenty of players have given blood, sweat, tears, and gold to vanquish the evil enemies of the mainland forever. Your stories of what Taichi Panda means to you have touched our hearts, and we've compiled some of our favorites to share with everyone. Check them out:



Michael Cinicki 

No freetime for girlfriend familie nightlife. 
No time for sleep because late houer Events. 
No money anymore of the exorbitant Top up costs. 
I got Bodybuilder at the fingers. 
All okay and you?


Junry Pormiento 

Good day Tcp. U really change the flow of my life. Since the i started playin i thought it was impossible to play and be stronger in this game but naaaah through sleepless nights and efforts i achieved my goals. I can kill players with high mights. A murderer in battle royal, a pvp strategist. Every morning i woke up get my phone open tcp play the whole day while phone chargin in power bank and i am workin in real life. And coz of Tcp, I lost my Beautiful GF Ceilille TarahCadavos . I really love her and we broke up coz i dont have time to spare for her. And i really missed her.


Catty Ice 
This game does change ur life. Foar a few moths in good...u get something nice to do if u had some extra time off, make new friends,learn tones of new made up words from it. It does help you get a bit more creative in a way.
But after that time,u see that through all the updates and especially server merges, snail destroys everything you worked u try to play more, forget about real life, until you see it's actually no point to play non stop, after you play less and less because you discover all the bugs that the game has. 
In the end, you think back...yes, it changed your life a lot...but in what way?
S65/79 SR°Catty/Legendary°Catty°


Jhoki Morales Punzal 
It was my companion for more than 2 years...I work abroad when I play this game with my spare time I don't get sad and dont have even time to think I was far away from home..more than 3 years I was working without a vacation lol taichi panda was my buddy and stress teaches you patience and hard work to earn something and to achieve something without a cheat that there is no easy way to be strong and great...and in some ways you can apply it on your real life that cheating is a bad choice and not an option


Kim Samsoe Gold 
Honestly,Taichi Panda was changed my life. I far from sad and always be happy.
I thank to you because you gave me some friends in Avzar... 
I have 3 friend in Avzar. And than they have good name.
1. I calL her with Trasure Hunter. She has good skill and very fast when she kill her enemies.
2. Ninja has faster than other. He always save me from dangerous.
And the last is Fox Mage. She's cute girl and elegant girL with her skilL.
Im proud with them. They always save my life and than i always spend my time with them.
I love them anymore...
Thank you so much...