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Posted by Snail - Jun 9,2017

Check out the tips from your fellow players !

Taichi Panda is a fast-paced action game which features a fairly complicated equipment system and a series of innovative PVP arenas and dungeons. However, it may take some time for players to familiarize themselves with all these functions, and their complexity can be a stumbling block for new players who want to gain an insight into the legends of Avzar. Luckily, we have collected some useful insights and tips from our skilled players on Facebook to share with everyone. Check it out! 



Server: SEA S1 Experience Elite
IGN: All★daisuki

 I recomend all eos goer to bring pets like.. Harpy and phoenix at the first set pet.. Second is. Boxer and borik or skeleton king and sun wukong.. At the 3rd set pet put maiden and ice turtle... Thats it..
In first 3 minutes i recomend you all to get away first in brawl wait for the players who are low in hp then use phoenix shoot ur powerful moves... If ur stun or buff... Use harpy to get away from enemy... On the final battle.. Make some way to dodge all enemys attack... Hide from them... Then go bump in when its already 1vs1 battle...


Volkan Bilen


Red pheonix special skill at edge of survival! When u get a player down while the skill is active, u get so mch stronger. U ll be able to kill all players when the buff is active!


Tips for cross-server challenge  

Abraham Zapata 

Primary battle stay 1v1 no rewards maybe add a record book of win and loses.
Mid-Level battle could have 3v3 but to battle should be kpvp team no rewards just record book.
Advanced battle should be consider a guild battle between others guilds in a 20v20 or 25v25 battle that would last 30 days and top5 guilds base on winning would be give a share of the rewards that is split evenly amongst the top50 members who participated and receive a month refreshed title as well.
1st 100k Diamond 
2nd 80k Diamond 
3rd 60k Diamond 
4th 40k Diamond
5th 20k Diamond





EOS - Go as Gunner. Skelly/Wukong, Dory/Phoenix, Ice phoenix/ abouts and blast away!!! Elimination round drop skelly trap n transform wukong...after rely on ice shield and Maiden use 4th skill to hide and blast...good luck!