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Posted by Snail - May 26,2017

Forge Your Own Artifacts with Taichi Armor Function

You've all had a peek at the Ascension Update's contribution to Avzar's armory--the Taichi Armor set. We've heard, though, that some of you guys still haven't quite figured out how it works, so we've provided a detailed guide on Taichi Armor and its upgrading options. Let's take a look!



Taichi Armor is a set of powerful artifacts which can be fortified over time. Initially, artifacts will have two random Yin-yang Attributes, and they are divided in to Yin and Yang groups. The two (unchangeable) attributes determine the type of Four Symbol Attributes that can be engraved. Yang (Attack Attributes): Mana, Damage, Hit Rate, Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Mana Transfer, Damage Deflect, Damage Add, Strength, Brutality, Angst, Fire Rate, Freeze Rate, Electric Rate. Yin (Defense Attributes): Health, Damage Reduction, Dodge Rate, Crit Resist, Crit Reduction, HP Transfer, Deflect Resist, Damage Decrease, Alacrity, Stamina, Essence, Fire Resist, Freeze Resist, Electric Resist.  Initial artifacts have no Four Symbol Attributes, you must engrave the Four Symbols to get them randomly. The type of Four Symbol Attributes that can be earned by an artifact is connected with its Yin-yang Attributes. The Four Symbol Attribute types are divided into 5 qualities: Green, Blue, Purple, Orange and Red. Players can repeat engravings to earn higher quality attributes. However, engraving Four Symbols costs Gold and Four Symbol Stones.



Every artifact has one Bagua Attribute (Trigram). These trigrams can be changed and have eight different types: Sky, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Water, Fire, Mountain, and Marsh. The trigrams themselves don't have any attributes. They must be matched to earn their special attributes. Changing trigrams costs Gold and Trigram Stones.



Taichi Armor can be inset with Star Stones. Star slots must first be activated with Activation Stones, then they can be inset with Star Stones of the corresponding color. The color of activated star slots is random (Rainbow won't appear randomly). You can spend some Activation Stones and click Inset to open the Star Stone Backpack and then inset stones. Insetting a Star Stone in a star slot can activate attributes. Every stone that is inset can activate one attribute. The level of the attribute is determined by the level of the Star Stone.