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Posted by Snail - Nov 9,2016

Master the Force of Ice, Fire and Thunder

An avalanche of new content awaits in the latest update, including massive additions to the Titan equipment system in the form of the Elemental Blade. We have added three new weapons with unique elemental properties: Ice Blade, Fire Blade, and Thunder Blade.


An Elemental Blade partially replaces part of the original Titan weapon's damage attributes with elemental attributes. Its element enhancement is bound to corresponding elements when leveling up, surging, and during grand fortification.


Upgrading and refining Elemental Ice Blade increases the weapon's damage and its chance of freezing. An Elemental Ice Blade weapon can deal double damage to frozen enemies. Grand fortification gives players a 2% chance of casting Freezing Star when using spells, which deals 250% Damage upon impact and freezes the enemy for 1.5 seconds.



Refine and upgrade Elemental Fire Blade to increase the weapon's damage and its ability to cast fire. Grand fortification gives all skills a 2% chance of triggering Fire Star, which deals 300% damage and burns the enemy for 5 seconds, each second dealing 50% damage.



Elemental Thunder Blade increases Lightning's damage when refined and upgraded. Flash Chain slows down targets once the blade is discovered. Grand Fortification gives the weapon a 2% chance to cast Electric Star which deals 350% damage upon impact and paralyzes the enemy for 2 seconds.



They are all powerful and effective weapons, and a great addition to any hero's arsenal. These four weapons are each uniquely suited to different kinds of heroes, and it's important to figure out which one best suits your needs.