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Posted by Snail - May 10,2016

Divinity Update Recap

Exciting days dawn again in Avzar as the Divinity Update goes live in Taichi Panda! Discover all of the awesome new adventures waiting as we take a closer look in this update recap!



Ancient Battlefield

Take to the battlefield astride your deadly mount in the all new Guild War game mode - the Ancient Battlefield. Large-scale mounted combat gets a new twist in this exciting new competitive Guild PvP battlefield!



Golden Outfits

Hit the catwalk and show off your style like never before with the all new Golden Outfits! Each character gets an awesome new Outfit bringing exciting new styles to the land of Avzar!


New Pet Enhancements

Take your pets to the next level with all new pet enhancements! Now available for enhancement, gaining powerful upgrades and awesome new pet skins, are: Miss Pixie, Vile Spirit, Green Dragon, and Sharpshooter!



New Talisman

Use arcane Talismans of ancient power to upgrade your heroes Might! Now available with the release of the Divinity update, the all new "Pure Heaven Record" Talisman!



Black Tortoise Demigod

A brand new mythical creature joins the menagerie of demigods with the arrival of the Black Tortoise! Raise this mystical shelled being from a tiny hatchling to an unstoppable magical force!



All this and many more optimizations and improvements to the existing game systems now available with the Divinity Update!