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Posted by Snail - Feb 3,2015

Free Download and New Server Launches!

The soft launch of Taichi Panda is under way, and all our friendly Canuck, Kiwi and Aussie masters of the shadow fist have begun to explore the exciting land of Taichi Panda! To help grow the community of panda action lovers, we’re very great excited to announce that Taichi Panda is now totally FREE on the App Store in these regions!


Starting today, Taichi Panda is totally free to download. Players who download Taichi Panda for free will gain full access to the game. Unlike their paying predecessors, players who download Taichi Panda for free will not receive the extra bonus items.


Free Download Here:






Missed your chance at the Paid Download rewards? Like winning stuff?

Check out our special EVENTS for a chance to win in-game prizes!


Along with the game becoming a free download, we are launching a new game server in order to meet the needs of our player community. This new server – called S2-E Jaraken(E) – will go live at 10:00am EST (UTC-5) today. The new server will be available for everyone, but player’s saved data will be tied to a server, so players will need to begin new characters in the new server.


Taichi Panda is available on the App Store for free in February in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Taichi Panda supports devices running iOS 6 and above. For the latest news and events in the Taichi Panda community, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and join with fellow fans on our official Forum.