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Posted by Snail - Sep 19,2017

Server Maintenance Announcement

DearPlayers, servers listed below will be closed for merging on Sep 19th, and players will not be able to log in. Please log out in time and save your account and

02:00– 06:00 A.M (UTC-5, EDT)
US-S1_S8 & US-S9_S13 & US-S20_S25

US-S44_47& US-S48_S49 & US-S54-57

US-S60_68& US-S73_74 & US-S69_72 & US-S75_76

US-S77_79& US-S80_81

07:00– 11:00 A.M (London Time)
EU-S43_48& EU-S49_52

16:00 – 20:00 P.M (UTC+10, Sydney Time)
AU-S2_S3& AU-S6_8Along

with the merge, some existed bugs are fixed as below:

1.Fixed a bug that stocks couldn’t be sold in Free Market

2.Fixed a bug that characters were stuck on map in Soul Academy

3.Fixed the descriptions of Titan Blade shards

4.Fixed some translation and description errors

5.Fixed the wrong description of Dragon Clan pictures.


After merging we're rolling out a new server, EU-S86. It's gonna be a scorching good time, so don't miss out!